My name is Imran Haider.....


I am a father, educator, and small business advocate.


I have lived in Wilsonville for six years and I am here to say it is the best place I have lived in my life so far! I am running so I can bring my voice and contribution to continuing success and building a brighter future for our kids!


Some things I would like to do are build a dialogue with our law enforcement to make for a more productive relationship together.


I also want to research strategies on how we can make home buying more accessible as well as build local, living wage jobs.


I hope that my background, born and raised as an Oregonian, with diverse life experiences, and representing a hard-working middle class demographic will provide a valuable perspective to our wonderful city.


Thank you!

Key attention items when I am in office:


Create more local jobs with youth sports destination


Capitalize on our water source for surrounding areas by utilizing revenue to improve city infrastructure


LISTEN to both sides! It’s what we have to do to get things done in society


Optimize work duties and job descriptions to create better labor practices with tax dollars


Develop program to make law enforcement and society more effective together


Utilize technology to interact with the public and establish a dialogue


Improve city (roads, parks, land use)  by having conversations with community members where needs are overdue


Evaluate programs being used by county tax dollars with specific employee performance evaluations to optimize positions and outcomes


Continue effective planning for our veteran’s housing


Utilize my expertise to focus on the best hiring practice and use of city funds for contributing roles


Working WITH local police should be of high importance in creating the best safety and security for WIlsonville

What I bring to the city position if elected:


-Hiring and negotiation of salaries expertise


-Expertise in communication, diversity, and conflict-management

 with over 10 years of college/university teaching experience


-Effective budgeting for multimillion dollar local business


-New energy and voice for local development


Wilsonville City Council

 Fall 2020


contact: voteimranhaider @